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School Uniform

School uniforms with a logo can be purchased from Skoolkit, at either their Totton or Eastleigh branches, and KoolSkools in Shirley Road. 

Alternatively you can contact them directly at or

The school uniform is:

  • Polo Shirts – White or red (with or without School Logo)
  • Shirts and blouses – White (with or without School Logo)
  • Trousers – Grey/Black
  • Shorts – Grey/Black
  • Skirts – Grey/Black
  • Pinafore dresses – Grey/Black
  • Jumpers/Sweatshirts/Cardigans – Red (with or without school logo)
  • Shoes – Black

Lycra shorts are not permitted to be worn.

The P.E Kit is:

  • P.E shorts/skirt – Black
  • Joggers (cold weather) – Black
  • P.E. T-Shirt – white (with or without school logo)

Children will not customise the school uniform; over accessorise the uniform; colour their hair; wear temporary tattoos. If children have a pierced ear they should wear a plain stud and remove it or cover it with tape for PE lessons.