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How we teach Phonics at Tanners Brook Primary School. How you can help your child read at home. 


Phonics at Tanners Brook is taught through the Read, Write Inc. Programme. Phonics is for children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 who are learning to read. Each half-term, we assess and group our children based on their stage of reading not age of reading. This means all children practise reading at the right level.

What Read Write Inc. does is simple - we teach sounds, children practice reading and spelling words containing these sounds, then we give children decodable books containing sounds and words they can read.  They read each Storybook three times at school and again with you at home.  On each reading, children’s fluency increases and the more they can focus on what the story is about.

Our aim is for children to finish the RWI Phonics program quickly so they can start reading these books for themselves.

Which books will children bring home?

  • The Storybook they have read in class to practice reading what they can already read.
  • A Book Bag Book. They have guidance inside just for parents., They are matched to the books children read in school so provide practice of the same sounds – extra practice at the right level for the child. They include many of the same reading activities that we use in class.
  • A book to share at home which has already been read to them, so they care about it.  Parents can read the story to them, or they can retell the story by looking at the pictures. They are not expected to read the story themselves. 


For more information, please see our reading curriculum booklet or watch the following videos:

What is Read Write Inc phonics?

Understanding phonics

How to say the sounds