Our Principal

My name is Rita Baker.  I am the Principal of Tanners Brook Primary School within Portswood Primary Academy Trust. Prior to this I was the successful head of Tanners Brook Infant School.  The school then merged with its local Junior School to become a Primary – there was a lot to do!

When we first joined the Trust, I was unsure how things would work out, but I knew my school needed support if we were quickly going to make a difference.

I am very pleased to say that working with the Trust has really made a positive difference.  From my viewpoint, working alongside other Principals and the Executive Board has been supportive as well as challenging.  There are others to talk things through with and someone at your back if needed.  It is not the lonely world of the headteacher.

There has been great support from the Trust with other levels of leadership too and all in all I can say, hand on heart, that the school is now well on the way to becoming the good school we should be.  I am pleased we made the decision to join the Trust and am proud to be part of it.